About me

Hello and welcome to my little online - store for energised / energetic informed objects like jewelry, soap and other wonderful little helpers for your every-day-life.

I work as a Holistic-Consultant and also use Energy Healing and Information-Medicine to support my clients to become more aware of their individual needs of their bodies and souls. And also I want to patronise regeneration and self-healing on each level.

When clients started to order informational energy for their private items, like necklaces , the idea of a little shop was born.

Until now and for some reason, it has become a passion for me to partially create own pieces of jewelry and energise them with information which seem to be helpful in order to gain more quality in life.

My story

I am a cancer survivor who appreciates life!

My work is definitely part of my own way of healing - I am very grateful for what I was able to learn about me, about life and about health.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me :)


Lots of love from Doreen!