Care for your Soul

Need something different?

Almost every women loves jewelry - it`s a wonderful adornment to each persons very individual attractivness.

What if .... this beautiful jewelry could also be more than just an adornment?

My work in my Health - Studio in Burg Spreewald (Germany), combines the holistic consulting service and energy healing. So I thought, what can I do to make an allday-item a useful helper for my clients.

Useful and lovely, little helper!

I started to energise jewelry with different, supportive motions.

That way, you can wear it, look beautiful and have some individual support due to your individual issues and needs.

I recommend, to use your chosen juwelry each day, for at least 21 days - because the human cell-conciousness needs 21 days to take over, accept and memorize the information which has been energetically read into the pieces.

Also please store your energetically informed items away from amethysts or high frequently advices.